New Jersey Church Planting Network:

Since coming to New Jersey District in 2001, Church planting has been intentional. Plant, Stabilize, Grow and Multiply has been our vision. That has not changed. Church Planting is the most effective evangelism tool anywhere. New Churches tend to grow much faster than older churches. Lost people matter to God and with a population of 8,938,175 in the state of New Jersey we cannot afford to allow the DNA of Church planting die.

With excitement we have encourage every church in the New Jersey District to give 2% of their undesignated funds to Church Planting. We are calling this new endeavor Momentum. I long to establish new life and to break new ground as we place Church Planters into our district. I believe there are future planters in our District that we can make an investment into their life so they can become successful in this modern day harvest.

In New Jersey, Church planting is a complex issue. All ingredients must be present and operating within the local body of Christ, the church, for effective growth of a church plant. I have found one missing ingredient, your church. Can I encourage you to be a part of the 2% giving into Momentum? As the Apostle Paul stated, “The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose, and each will be rewarded accordingly to his own labor.” You are needed.

We have some excellent Church Planters that have been successful in our District. I believe every new church planter in New Jersey would greatly benefit from their successes and failures. Thus the birthing of a new committee, “Momentum Church Planting Task Force”, made up of our successful church planters and the birthing of a Church Planting Network in New Jersey. Training began September 2015 with a launch date for these planters in September 2016. Ask for an application if you want to be a part of our Church Planting Network classes for a future church plant.

Rich Leksell
Momentum Church Planting Task Force